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Notrino Collective


Notrino offers you unique and colorful art products from the range of artists that will give you a magnetic vision to reshape your lifestyle.

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Each collection designed with impact messages to represent a story of unclaimed heroes and ignored cultures.

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Beat Tattoos


The Beat Tattoos collections are designed from Azuldecobalt’s sketches and influenced by the beat generation tattoo designs and each design is dedicated to a legendary beat generation writer.

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African Gods


This collection is designed to respect the wonderful African culture. We believe that everything starts from there and we must respect our roots. All languages and cultures have strong roots and have been reformed with human evolution.

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Two Spirit


Native Americans had 2 spiritted 5 genders before being forced to adopt the binary choice between man and woman . They were openly live as a woman, man, lesbian, gay and Transgender .

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Black Poems


Black Poems are designed to deliver strong messages to society against all stereotypical standards that we must obey without our personal confirmations.

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Seven Kings of the Seven Worlds


This collection dedicated to the storybook called ‘Seven Kings of the Seven Worlds’, written by Burhan Ozgun Sen in 2013. The story is a postmodern version of the ancient Persian poem called ‘The Conference of the Birds’, written by Attar  in the 12th century, which is also known the history of Phoneix.

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Notrino Artist Editions: Amandine de Sand


Notrino Artist Editions: Amandine De Sand

Amandine de Sand is an artist who wants to be anonymous because he doesn’t want the viewer to filter him with his name, fame and other types of pop cultural norms that people use to criticize works of art.

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“Amandine de Sand” collection

elsurneb 'Elif and Vav Collection'


“Intended to be upstanding and righteous like Elif and humble like Vav.”

Duality of my thoughts. – I’m the enslaver and the liberator of my thoughts. I decide whom I give my power. I’m balanced, I’m neither in illusions nor I’m in a fearful state of the unknown. I embrace all my experiences and take what serves me in here and now. I aspire to live in reality.

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