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Notrino Buzz

Notrino Collective has opened its virtual door for all artists, musicians, communication workers!

Welcome to the unique world, where all creative minds will collaborate in order to make the path for all great things that will be made in the future. 

Even though we started in 2020, the idea of creating a Collective was boiling inside his creator Burhan Ozgun Sen. 

“From Turkey, where I was born and raised, over Germany where I have perfected my art technique, to Barcelona where I live and work and live today, I have always had one dream. To build a collective with creative people, with whom I will exchange ideas and share thoughts regarding art and productivity. Today, I am proud to say, that under the roof of Notrino Collective we will, together, make some amazing things, that will attract everyone’s attention!”

If you look carefully at our web page, you will see the amazing art that has been transformed into urban clothing, suitable for all. Every piece has a unique story. Story of being different, unique. Brave and bold! 

On this journey, Notrino Collective is also developing exclusive content for Notrino TV, on Youtube. 

Creative people, who want to promote and produce their work, art, music, communication, are welcome! Join us on this amazing ride, and become part of Notrino Collective. 

¡Notrino Collective ha abierto su puerta virtual para todos los artistas, músicos y trabajadores de la comunicación!
Bienvenido al mundo único, donde todas las mentes creativas colaborarán para hacer el camino para todas las grandes cosas que se harán en el futuro.
Aunque comenzamos en 2020, la idea de crear un Colectivo estaba hirviendo dentro de su creador Burhan Ozgun Sen.
“Desde Turquía, donde nací y crecí, sobre Alemania, donde he perfeccionado mi técnica artística, hasta Barcelona, ​​donde vivo, trabajo y vivo hoy, siempre he tenido un sueño. Construir un colectivo con personas creativas, con quienes intercambiaré ideas y compartiré pensamientos sobre arte y productividad. ¡Hoy, me enorgullece decir que bajo el techo de Notrino Collective, juntos, haremos cosas increíbles que atraerán la atención de todos!
Si observa detenidamente nuestra página web, verá el increíble arte que se ha transformado en ropa urbana, adecuada para todos. Cada pieza tiene una historia única. Historia de ser diferente, único. Valiente y audaz!
En este viaje, Notrino Collective también está desarrollando contenido exclusivo para Notrino TV, en Youtube.
¡Son bienvenidas las personas creativas que desean promover y producir su trabajo, arte, música y comunicación! Únete a nosotros en este increíble viaje y forma parte de Notrino Collective.


The Beat Tattoos collections are designed from Azuldecobalt’s sketches and influenced by the beat generation tattoo designs and each design is dedicated to a legendary beat generation writer.

Click here to view Beat Tattoos Collection


This collection is designed to respect the wonderful African culture. The human body is a door from the past to the future and we can feel, think and love with the strong emotional connections that we have from our roots comes from Máma Africa.

Click here to view African Gods Collection


Native Americans had 2 spirits of 5 genders before being forced to adopt the binary choice between male and female. They openly lived as women, men, lesbians, gays and transgenders.

Click here to view Two Spirit Collection


Black Poems are designed to deliver strong messages to society against all stereotypical standards that we must obey without our personal confirmations.

Click here to view Black Poems Collection

This collection dedicated to the story book  called ‘ Seven Kings of the Seven Worlds’ which is written by Burhan Ozgun Sen in 2013.
The story is a post modern version of the old persian poem called ‘The Conference of the Birds’ which written by  Attar of Nishapur in the 12th century.

Click here to view Seven Kings of The Seven Worlds Collection


Notrino Artist Editions: Amandine De Sand

Amandine de Sand is an artist who wants to be anonymous because he doesn’t want the viewer to filter him with his name, fame and other types of pop cultural norms that people use to criticize works of art.

Click here to view Amandine De Sand


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