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Notrino Podcast 03 by ISSE

Notrino Podcast 03 by ISSE
18th November 2020 Notrino Collective
Burhan Ozgun Sen
In Notrino Podcast

Notrino Podcast series continues with the unique and bouncy tunes of “Isse” from Barcelona.

The Notrino Podcasts series is one of the main parts of creating a feeling of how we envision the underground scene to be.

The podcasts are diverse, it brings several styles to the table with an obscure touch to it; a journey through a dark passage, led by mesmerizing melodies, tragedy, and some proper basslines.

Notrino Collective is the sub-atomic combination of art & music.

Notrino is a newborn artist collective in Barcelona that is focused on producing a good combination of art and music. Our purpose of creating Nøtrino is to launch a platform where like-minded individuals can interact with each others’ disciplines

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