Bu, bazı temel bilgilerin ve bir iletişim formunun yer aldığı bir iletişim sayfasıdır.

Notrino is a newborn artist collective in Barcelona that is focused on producing a good combination of art and music. Our purpose of creating Nøtrino is to launch a platform where like-minded individuals can interact with each others’ disciplines, to learn and produce artworks in any way, shape or form that can tickle their untouched brain nerves and inspire them to see the hidden parts of real beauty.

What is Notrino ?

¿Qué es el neutrino?

¿Qué es Notrino?

Notrino’s name is derived from ‘neutrinos’, which are the smallest particulars of the elements that interacts only via the week sub-atomic force and gravity.

The mass of the neutrino is much smaller than the other element particulars discovered until now. However a neutrino is the fastest particular, it can almost reach pace of the speed of light. 

However, if a neutrino has mass, it cannot reach this tremendous pace.

This leaves us with the question:

what is a neutrino? ….

How Many Trees Notrino Planted ?

How Many Art Project Notrino supported ?

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